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Thermal Cooker Italian Wedding Soup

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Yes, just in case you have been to my site before, you are in the right place, I have changed the name. Originally my site was made to share many of the different interests that I have. I truly had some big ideas for a wonderful resource. Then reality hit, in the end, became only a place to find the products I offer. The name never fit my vision for my thermal cooking site., on the other hand, says it all. My goal is a thermal cooking resource full of articles, videos, and suggestions on how to be successful with your thermal cooking adventures.  


I will be including information from others around the globe who also, as I do, love thermal cooking!


My own adventure has grown into testing and trying many ways to accomplish retained heat cooking. I am looking forward to sharing with you my short informational and cooking videos all focused on retained heat cooking.


Please share them!


Let me know of any suggestions you would like to 


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Videos can also be found on the Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking channel on Youtube.


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Italian Wedding Soup in a Thermal Cooker


 I use the products that I have chosen for this site.  I find them useful and I use them with my thermal cooker and other retained heat cooking appliances.


I am always on the lookout for items that will help me as well as you master the art of thermal cooking.

First, on my list of 'must haves' is the Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook. It is a one-of-a-kind cookbook designed to help teach principles needed to facilitate retained heat cooking.



The cookbook is the heart of what I offer.  By utilizing the guidelines and principles in the book it is possible to cook using retained heat using any of the methods available.  


As for thermal cookers, I have chosen the Saratoga Jacks thermal cooker for several reasons. First it is a quality thermal cooker that will do what I want it to, keeping food hot for at least 8 hours. It is affordable, available for around $100 depending on the model. I am also able to support a local company.


My view of this being a 'hub' of thermal cooking information, I will continue to add quality thermal cookers as they become available to me. 


The accessories available on this site are the accessories I use when cooking with the thermal cooker.  I have assembled kits for your convenience whether assembling your own (you can see what I have in mine) or purchasing one pre made. 



I hope you enjoy using your thermal cooker as much as I have and the many others who have discovered the "Why" of thermal cooking!!


The Author

Cindy Miller is the Author of Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook, a cooking instructor and owner of


In 2011 Cindy began teaching cooking classes specializing in the area of retained heat cooking also known as thermal cooking. The lack of available information on the subject lead to the publishing of the Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook.

Previous to focusing on thermal cooking, Cindy spent over 20 years in the event planning and catering industry. Along with a degree in Business, Cindy has continued her education in many areas including; cooking, health and nutrition and gardening.

Cindy Miller lives in South Jordan, Utah

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