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I carry CampMaid products because I think they are a great addition to one's outdoor cooking arsenal, not to mention the Dutch oven makes an effective Thermal Cooker!

CampMaid is an innovative patented line of multi-use, compact, portable, outdoor cooking tools for camping, emergency preparedness/survival, scouts, tailgating, hunting, beach cookouts, small urban environments, and backyards. CampMaid’s outdoor cooking system inspires creative meals as it converts the multi-use tools to create a griddle, smoker, grill, steamer, pizza oven, frying pan, baking pot, and more, offering users a full range camp-kitchen-in-a-bag. Versatile, safe, portable, and leaves-no-trace, CampMaid is the only thing you need to elevate you next outdoor dining adventure.

If you or someone you know love to cook with a Dutch Oven, CampMaid is the best tool for Dutch Ovens on the market. It uses a patented 'Grab-and-Hold' design allows you to safely remove your lid without needing gloves. The 'Grab-and-Hold' secures your lid and coals so you can easily stir and serve while keeping the lid free from dirt and debris.

CampMaid provides an additional function that allows you to flip it over and use the underside of your Dutch Oven lid as a grill! CampMaid is lightweight and easy to collapse, pack, and store, and it fits all the most popular Dutch Oven sizes - 12' or larger. The easy pack and storage features make it perfect for your camping, tailgating, and hunting trips.

CampMaid Dutch Oven Charcoal Holder and Adjustable Cooker is the ultimate accessory
to CampMaid Dutch Oven Lid Remover/Pot Holder/Serving Stand. The Charcoal Holder attachment allows you to easily add or remove the coals just below the Dutch Oven pot when using the tripod stand or when using the lid as a frying pan. The Charcoal Holder keeps your food warm and has adjustable height for varying temperatures.

CampMaid was invented in Utah (2013) where it is headquartered and warehoused. Started by a couple buddies who have a passion for the outdoors, CampMaid has quickly grown to an international company supplying and distributing products to USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and soon South Africa!

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