The HopeSaC Project



HopeSaC stands for Hope, Service and Charity.


A HopeSaC is a fabric thermal cooker which I designed to better serve people in need. I have started a charity called Caring With Cookers. Caring With Cooker's mission is "To educate and empower those less fortunate by providing instruction and cookware to benefit the people and the environment." Caring With Cookers will be contributing to the distribution of Mr D Thermal Cookers in Kosovo and HopeSaC's in Mexico this coming November. 


At the center of Caring With Cookers are HopeSaC's. The system is 3 fold:

1. Thyme for Hope is a way to help raise funds for Caring With Cookers. By attending my class and learning about thermal cooking, you will be helping Caring for Cookers. I will share information about the successes we are having with Caring With Cookers. The class includes an updated presentation with a Powerpoint, handouts, and food. Here for more information.

2. Thyme for Service is a humanitarian project where we cut and assemble the HopeSaC kits. I you would like to attend a thyme for Service or schedule one go here.

3. Thyme for Charity activities are for those receiving HopeSaC kits. They will be instructed on how to use them then will finish them by stuffing them and sewing up the edge.