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The HopeSaC Project

Welcome to The HopeSaC Project.

HopeSaC stands for Hope, Service and Charity. The HopeSaC Project was created in an effort to help women in developing countries. The goal is three-fold, to save women's health, time and resources ($).

Women experience a lot of respiratory challenges because of the fire used when cooking, by reducing the amount of time spend over a smoky fire, health is improved. Surprisingly the favorite benefit is that of time savings. By having food cooking without them needing to tend the fire, time is freed up for other activities. 

With a HopeSaC, or fabric thermal cooker, the women are able to bring a pot of food to boil, and then put the pot in the thermal cooker, where it will continue to cook without them needing to be there. This also allows women to cook their food overnight, so that their children have a meal in the morning.

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How to Help...

Working with 100 Humanitarians International

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Builders without Boarders of Utah


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