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Ways to help


1.  Make a HopeSaC and give it to someone you know in need.


2.  Make and assemble HopeSaC kits or HopeSaC components then mail them to us and we will donate them to those in need, see information below.


3.  Come to a Thyme for Service Workday


4.  Host a Thyme for Service Workday


5.  Donate material, strapping, cording, thread, plastic cord fasteners, buttons to use at Thyme for Service work days.


6.  Cash donations are always welcome. DONATE HERE

Items to bring if you have them:


Scissors (please have them marked)

Sewing machines or sergers


Items to bring that can be donated:



Cotton quilting type fabric

Canvas or Upholstery fabric

1 1/2" - 2" strapping

1/8" drawstring


Plastic cord fasteners

Wooden buttons

Gallon size ziplock bags

Small spools of thread to go in kits

Prepare and donate.

Whether you sew or not it is possible to help!


1.  Cut Pattern—cut out a complete pattern set of each of the hopeSaC pattern pieces. Place each pattern set into its own gallon ziplock bag.

2. Cut Pattern pieces- We can let you know what pieces need to be cut and sent in. 


3.  Sewn pattern—cut out then sew HopeSac together. Fold and place completed HopeSaC into a gallon ziplock bag.

4.  Complete kit—Along with the completely sewn HopeSaC, include in a small ziplock; a small spool of thread, needle, safety pin, 2 yards of 1/8” drawstring, 4 wooden buttons and a plastic cord lock.


5.  Donate supplies.

6.  Contact me for questions and shipping/delivery instructions.  


Cindy 801-979-3820

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