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How to Help....

It is time to get HopeSaC's into the hands of the women in Kenya. Not only do the women in the areas we have been serving requesting more, but we are opening 4 new areas. 

Here is how you can help....

Humanitarian Sew-a-thon

Preparing HopeSaC kits to be distributed across the globe is one of the main objectives of The HopeSaC Project and it is not possible to do without plenty of help! 

This program works in a couple of ways:

 - Organized Help days - Sew-a-Thons. Jump into a scheduled Sew-a-thon in your area or schedule one of your own. If you would like to schedule one let me know, I will get you the information you need and we will get it on the schedule.

 - At a Sew-a-thon, there is plenty to do for anyone with a desire to serve (it is not required to know how to sew to attend and help). Bring sewing machines, scissors, cutters and mat boards if you have them. We are always looking for donations of fabric, thread, cording and webbing. 

 - Check out the Calendar of Events for upcoming Sew-a-thons and then Join in. 

 - Help at Home - We coordinate the cutting and sewing of the individual pieces of the HopeSaCs with those interested in helping during their "down" times at home. Last year this method was heaven sent making a Huge impact as almost 200 HopeSaCs were sewn in the homes of women willing to serve. 

 - Email me at for more information and to have your name added to the Help at Home program.


Yes, It is always necessary to ask for monetary donations with what we do. Part of the 100 Humanitarians objectives revolve around economic development. If there is a way to purchase the items we use in country (Kenya) then we do. This helps the people we serve by stimulating their economy. 

For instance, instead of making garden towers here and sending them to Kenya. We teach how to make the garden towers in our sewing centers IN Kenya. The garden towers are then purchased (with donated moneys) from those who made them to donate to others in need. This same system is utilized for the feminine hygiene kits, and someday I hope it will be used for the HopeSaC thermal cookers as well. 100 Humanitarians is about a hand up not a hand out. 

Where to donate: 

 - It is almost guaranteed that 100 Humanitarians is running at least one Facebook fundraiser at any given time.

Here is a link to the current one meant to benefit The HopeSaC Project.  

 - Because not everyone hangs out on Facebook, 100 Humanitarians also has fundraisers available to donate to, or to set up yourself on their site HERE.

 - It amazes how much 100 Humanitarians gets done with so little. There is so much more that will get done as we come in contact with bigger donors and partnerships like the one we have with the Usana Foundation. The Usana Foundation not only donates funds so Garden towers can be given to the people in Kenya, but are in the process of spreading this Garden tower program into several countries that they work in such as Mexico and the Philippines. 

 - Please reach out if you have any contacts that may make a good partnership with 100 Humanitarians and let's make that connection. 

It is not all about the Money - With the HopeSaC Project I am always looking for donations of cotton fabric (quilt type), upholstery fabric, thread (any color), 1/8" cording, 1 1/2" webbing, toggles, good scissors, good sewing machines, large mat boards and rotary cutters.

Email me at if you have any items to donate.


The biggest impact you can make is easily being willing to share what we do with others.

When you share with friends and family the exciting things you are learning about The HopeSaC Project and 100 Humanitarians, the information seems to end up with the right people, those willing and able to help in whatever way it is meant to be.

For more information and to see more of what we do, go to or for current pictures and projects see the 100Humanitarians Facebook page.




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