Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook

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Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook is the only book of its kind. The book combines detailed instructions on mastering the art of thermal cooking, retained heat cooking, along with basic preparedness principles and food storage.

Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook covers thermal cooking basics: the what, where, when, why and how of thermal cooking. Add in Safety and instructions on converting the recipes to any size and quality of thermal cooker and all the basics are covered. Utilizing thermal cooking to organize and rotate long term, 90 day and short term storage is next. Included are recipes and instructions for making your own freeze-dried and dehydrated meals. Learn about the endless possibilities with Container Cooking. "Move to the Side" with grains, legumes, pasta and vegetables. Finishing up the book are recipes for breads, desserts and beverage. This book is designed to teach a "thermal cooking mindset" for success.

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