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Strike Master Survival Fire Starter: This custom size survival fire starter was designed specifically for the SilverFire Scout, but is the perfect fire starting tool for all of our SilverFire stoves. It nests in the bottom of the Scout combustion chamber and is good for thousands of strikes (save money when purchasing the SilverFire Scout, MSR Alpine Stowaway pot and Survival fire starter together). The safest and most dependable fire igniting tool around. Performs well in wet conditions, cold temperatures, and high elevations.

Directions on use:

  • TO IGNITE FINE, DRY TINDER: Set tip of flint directly into tinder. Scrape firmly all the way to the end of flint rod. If tinder does not ignite right away, scrape flint consecutively 2 or 3 times. Its the last part of the flint that will ignite the tinder.
  • TO IGNITE DAMP TINDER: Shave magnesium (lighter rod) into a quarter sized pile. Place fine tinder on top of magnesium. Then scrape flint (darker rod) with a solid, firm scrape to ignite the material.

Tips on use:

  • Place tip of fire starter firmly on ground.
  • Hold scraper at an angle to the rest of the fire starter. Slanted forward.
  • For best results, flint bar should be touching or nearly touching tinder.
  • If scraper is lost, a knife, broken glass, chipped rock or any hard sharp edge will work in it's place.
  • Tinder includes, moss, dead grass, pine needles, leaves, wood shavings, steel wool, cloth, paper, etc.
  • With some models, shavings from wooden handle make excellent fine and dry tinder.
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