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SilverFire® amazing Hike & Stow Survival bag in color of your choice with new SilverFire Website Logo! This is the best survival stove bag on the planet! You can count on this multi-function bag in emergencies, for recreation, or just to protect your stove. It is an emergency water vessel with a water proof interior liner and all seams are sealed in both the bottom and side walls of bag. It is a combo cooler, or thermal cooker with a middle layer of insulation on bottom, sides, and top!

The exterior ballistic shell is padded & rugged! This custom bag was specially designed for all SilverFire® stoves. It is custom made in Oregon!

The custom insulation is designed both for for cooking food as a thermal cooker / hay basket*, or you can choose to fill it with ice and use it as a cooler! It can be used as an emergency water vessel to carry water, or use it as a protective storage bag. We designed other stove bags and there is no other product like it available anywhere. High end luggage and camera bags do not meet the quality build of the SilverFire Hike & Stow bag. This bag is has two load carrying options. It can be slung across your body on hikes with the heavy-duty shoulder strap and pad, or it can be carried by the dual rugged cargo handle straps.


Ø Outer Shell: 800 Denier Rugged Nylon/Polyester

Ø Middle Layer: Landau Insulated Foam Padding

Ø Internal Layer: 300 Denier Polyester Seam Sealed Waterproof Liner

Ø Dual Fuel / Fire Lighter Pockets

Ø Heavy Duty #8n YKK Zipper (best zipper on the market)

Ø 1”/ 2.5 cm Heavy-Duty Nylon Web Cargo Handles

Ø 1 ½” / 3.8 cm Heavy-Duty Nylon Web Shoulder Carry Strap with

Heavy-Duty Duraflex Plasti-Metallic Snap Hooks

Ø Extra Heavy Duty Beastie “D” Rings

Ø All Reinforced Seams with Heavy Duty Stitching

Ø Made In USA

* Thermal cooking is an efficient way to cook using insulation or hay. After pot brought to temperature it can be inserted into a bed of hay inside our stove bag, an insulated bag, or cardboard box for several hours. This insulated form of cooking is know as a poor man's crockpot. It is an effective way to cook and reduce fuel use and emission's in conjunction with using an efficient stove. This technique can also be paired with solar cookers. Efficient stoves, solar cooker, and thermal cookers can all be used efficiently together. This technique is known as integrated cooking and is a great way to cook efficiently while reducing emissions and fuel use for a cleaner air shed.

Available in Black, Charcoal, Forest Green, Navy, and Multi Cam Fabric!

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