Silverfire Dragon Kettle

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The Dragon Kettle, the New SilverFire Energy Saving 4 Liter Kettle! Save money every time you heat water! Heat water more efficiently and faster with the SilverFire Dragon Kettle.

This stainless steel kettle features laminated fins maximizing surface area to increase heat transfer efficiently and quicker than standard kettles

This means you save twice your fuel and heat your water twice as fast compared to a normal kettle. Use it on your home cooktop as well. This elegant kettle works on any open flame, including gas, electric and halogen cook tops too! Fast, efficient, and saves fuel & energy costs! Fits all SilverFire stove models.

Kettle Weight: 3 lbs Shipping weight: 4 lbs

Capacity: 4 Liters / 1.05 Gallon

Dimensions: 8 & 3/4" wide x 7" tall (not including folding handle, spout or lid knob)

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