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The SilverFire® Hunter, is a lightweight, portable natural draft chimney stove designed for both indoor & outdoor use! The Hunter is a top lit updraft gasifier (TLUD), powered by twigs, yard scrub, or any flammable biomass (why buy fuel?). TLUD’s stoves utilize a batch fed combustion chamber. It is simple to operate. Just top light it like a candle, no continuous feeding required. Vent the chimney outdoors to eliminate all household emissions. Insert vertical positioned fuel into the combustion chamber; next place a little tinder on top and light! To fine tune your flame adjust the ventilation door at the bottom of the stove. That’s all there is to it! The portable SilverFire®Hunter model opens up a new frontier in biomass clean cook stoves. You now have the capacity to eliminate all household emissions!

Our Hunter maybe the most important emergency or disaster stove to own, since you cannot plan when a disaster may strike. Outdoor Rocket & TLUD stoves without chimneys are fun and convenient to use in warm weather, different scenario in a real disaster, or in poor weather. Many of our customers want two burners and the Hunter Chimney stove used with the Survivor Rocket stove our a favorite outdoor kitchen cooking combination. Dishes requiring more oversight may be cooked on the rocket stove, while large water bathes and viscous dishes like chili's & stews may be left unattended on the Hunter Chimney stove during low firepower operations. The option to cook inside is very important, and eliminate all household emissions to protect your family's health is critical. It may not be safe to go outdoors and the ability to cook indoors is important. The ability to cook indoors under shelter is a key advantage over stoves without chimneys. Most rocket stoves & TLUDs sold do not have chimneys and are designed for outdoor use only. TLUD designs are faster cooking and cleaner burning than rocket stoves. Our portable cook stoves are insulated with light weight insulation is primarily designed for cooking. By adding thermal mass to the Hunter Chimney stove (cast iron plate, salt block, or pot of water), it is possible to heat a small space.

Can be purchased with added accessories (bag, pot, pot and steam basket, wok, stone grill, stainless steel grill, salt stone...look at pictures for reference or under the tab "Accessories"). If purchasing bag, bags can be found under "Stove Bags" tab (Black, Navy, or Charcoal Gray, ).

SilverFire® Hunter purchase includes four chimney sections and standard elbow (as shown in picture) to accommodate our Dragon Pot or 12"" wide SS Wok. Chimney sections collapse on themselves and fit inside combustion chamber for storage.

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