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Our Multifunction Tent Dragon stove is upgraded in heavy-duty stainless steel for longer stove life. We discontinued the black mild steel option. Our SilverFire Mult-Function Stove now includes a protective recycled wooden carrying case for your stove, as shown below.

The Multi-Function Tent Dragon is now offered in stainless steel construction and optional corrugated adjustable elbows are available! See our SilverFire Accessories link to order the new adjustable elbows. The re-designed Multi-Function Tent Dragon Stainless Steel has several product design improvements

Currently, the portable tent stove market is saturated with inefficient primary combustion stove designs that haven't changed in decades (high in both emissions & fuel use). While cleaner-burning residential heating stoves have been rapidly improving and regulated by the EPA, dirty burning stoves have been outlawed due to both high emissions and pollution. Unfortunately, the tent stove market and recreational stoves have never changed despite the fact we are all sharing the same air shed. Unfortunately, large retailers offer dirty burning recreational stove designs. We did something about that. This is 2020!

Russians as far back as WWII drove trucks that ran off wood gas, yet in American, until now you could not purchase a clean-burning tent stove from large retailers or sporting goods distributors. They only offer less efficient, dirtier burning primary combustion stoves, despite efficient wood gas design technology has been available for decades. We think that is unacceptable.

Note: All stoves burn cleaner with dry fuel, including clean-burning gasifier wood-burning stoves. Any stove with a chimney is designed to vent emissions outdoors. Our chimney stoves are designed for use with dry fuel for most efficient outcomes. Wood or biomass fuel with increased moisture content produces smoke and results in inefficient combustion and increased soot formation. Burning fuel wet fuel is irresponsible and should be avoided if possible.

Interested in extending the duration of burn and saving wood? See our Accessories link and review our optional FireMizer, ideal for use in our stoves when performing long-duration cooking or heating.

This stove was a disruptive technology in the tent stove sector. The discontinued Multi-Function Tent Dragon tent stove shown in this video above was first produced in mild steel painted black. We introduced the World's first multi-function recreational tent stove with efficient re-burning of the wood gases (clean, secondary gasification in addition to primary gasification) to ensure a clean burn and low fuel use by introducing oxygen and air into the firebox a second time via preheated hot flue gas channels through the firebox double walls to mix with the primary combustion burn. This natural draft stove offered secondary combustion for a cleaner burn and provided high, medium, and low firepower cooking. You also have the capacity to simmer, baking, or grill. We provided a water tank, and heating in this single unit too. Now it is available in heavy-duty stainless steel construction!

This translates to the first clean-burning portable tent stove that was not only designed for low emissions and low fuel use, but for multiple cooking functions.

This portable unit now has fore & aft folding legs, that retract and fold under the stove for a compact footprint and easy transportation. The stove has an adjustable primary ventilation dampener on the firebox door and 2 rows of continuous steady-state secondary ventilation slots positioned on the sides and underneath the firebox. This allows preheated oxygen and air to be reintroduced into the primary fire to achieve a clean burn. A small stainless steel ash pan is easily accessible slides below the firebox grate for easy ash disposal. The adjustable primary damper is located in the door. There is no need to adjust the steady-state secondary burn, clean combustion is already optimized.

The heavy gauge stainless steel (1/8" thick) cooktop has a traditional 5 & 7/8" round cooktop cut out for high firepower frying, boiling, and woking for use inside or outside. The larger rectangle cut out in the cooktop allows the 7 & 3/4" x 10 & 1/2" grill insert (included) to be rotated for medium firepower indirect over the baffle, or to be used when a bed of embers is established to grill outside the tent (using included oven bake rack outdoors. The oven rack also serves as the grill rack and stores inside the oven when transporting along with the oven baking pan.

The right rear of the stove has a 10 & 1/2" wide x 9 & 1/4" x 7" tall bake oven. A removable 2 quart / 2 Liter capacity stainless steel hot water tank with brass spigot mounts to the left rear of the stove. The 12 & 1/2" long x 6" deep food or bun support rack rests above the hot water tank mounted on the left side of the stove.

6 sections of chimney come with the stove with the distal section capped (spark arrester - see picture below) and the emissions travel this section's side holes. Due to the long-circulating hot flue gas route, the last chimney section is significantly cooler than a primary combustion firebox stove, increasing safety from sparks or fabric damage. The chimney extends 89 & 5/8" above the stove's cooktop surface. The 4 long chimney sections are 19 & 3/4" long and the shorter cooktop base pieces are 9 & 7/8" long (total length: 89 & 5/8" above cooktop surface).

The final chimney section with spark arrestor cap. Due to hot flue gas and emission path circulating the entire oven before exiting the chimney on the cooktop, our distal chimney temperature is significantly lower than a chimney located directly above firebox. This means the final chimney section is cooler than other stove designs and less likely to damage tent fabric or the stove jack.

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