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100H First Quarter of 2022

It has been inspiring to watch 100 Humanitarians grow over the last 4 years since I have been involved with them.

This list is an accounting of what has been accomplished in the 1st quarter of 2022 - In just 3 short months.... Impressive!!

These things could not be accomplished without people like you! Thank you for your donations.

100 Humanitarians International The numbers First Quarter 2022

2 expedition teams 2 beehive structures 1 latrine 3 spring preservation projects 20 families started chicken businesses 200 water tanks - 100 liters each 30 water tanks - 1000 liters each 4 new communities opened 745 garden towers built and planted 500 HopeKits (reusable feminine hygiene) sewn and distributed 7 high school seniors we have sponsored taking exams Survey completed to drill a borehole at the Emparnat Cultural Centre 3rd training center construction started at the Emparnat Cultural Centre on the Maasai Mara

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