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My Introduction to Thermal Cooking

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Let's Make Sense of....

How does one decide to write a cookbook about thermal cooking? Here's how...

This adventure started over 10 years ago. I decided that eating healthier was important for me and my family so I embarked on a journey of learning. I soon discovered that stopping to study and learn was virtually impossible with the demands of my family and my easily distracted mind. Finally, after months of self-inflicted guilt for not accomplishing such a seemingly simple task, I took what was for me drastic action. I went to church and asked if I could teach a series of grain classes to the women who were interested in learning. I knew that my determination would take over, there is no way I was going to show up to teach a class unprepared. So I studied and I learned, the technique worked. Each time I wanted to learn a new subject I would schedule a class for friends and family. The subjects I studied eventually led into preparing for emergencies.

In the spring of 2012 my life shifted. I was introduced to the thermal cooker which has totally changed my life. Not necessarily in the way I cook, but in the direction my life has taken.

It began when my mother came to me and told me of a preparedness item she had discovered. She suggested that I go online and look at it. Which I did not do. Eventually my mom bought one and reminded me that I needed to come and see it. Finally, after several months she caught me sitting at her kitchen table. She told me not to move as she ran to get her new ‘toy’. The ‘toy’ she placed on the table in front of me was a Shuttle Chef thermal cooker. I looked at it, opened it, turned it over, and pondered over it. Comprehending what it was, I became really excited about it.

It only took me a few days to decide I would be putting together a little cookbook. At the time I did not comprehend what I was getting myself into and the life lessons I would learn along the way. The book went from a self-bound booklet to a hard-bound spiral full-color cookbook.

Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook is the only book of its kind.

The book combines detailed instructions on mastering the art of thermal cooking with basic preparedness principles and food storage. The book contains:

  • The basics of thermal cooking: What, Where, Who, When, Why and How.

  • Safety guidelines

  • Instructions on converting recipes in this book to any size and quality of thermal cooker.

  • Utilizing thermal cooking to organize and rotate long term, 90 day and short term storage. (Included are recipes and instructions for making your own freeze-dried and dehydrated meals. Labels for these ‘ready meals’ are in the back of the book for your convenience.)

  • Discover the endless possibilities with Container Cooking.

  • Grains, Legumes, Pasta and Vegetables are discussed in the “Move to the Side” section.

  • Breads, desserts and beverages round off the book.

Designed to teach a ‘thermal cooking mindset’

This mindset creates understanding which helps overcome variables in insulation, temperature, time and volume when using a thermal cooker. When you understand that these variables influence success and can be manipulated with great results, possibilities become endless.

My plan is to continue learning and sharing. I will soon have more articles and video’s available. Information can be found at, on YouTube, Facebook and PInterest. Look for Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook.

I welcome you to join me as I continue on my journey.



Thermal cookers are like a big crock pot, cooking food slowly over time. While slow cookers require constant electricity, thermal cooker utilizes heated (boiling) food to complete the cooking process.

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