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So what is Thermal Cooking Anyway?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Thermal cooking is a method of cooking which utilizes trapped heat to cook food. With thermal cooking, the heat generated from cooking is trapped inside an insulated container where the heated food continues to cook. A thermal cooker is an appliance manufactured to facilitate thermal cooking. Thermal cookers work like a “slow cooker” appliance, cooking food slowly over time.

The first step in thermal cooking is to bring food to a boil, in a pot, over a heat source such as a stove. Then place that pot of boiling food inside the insulated thermal unit. The food continues to cook as the temperature of the food slowly drops over time. The result when done correctly, is food which will maintain safe serving temperatures for up to eight hours.

What is so great about trapping heat to cook your food? At first the obvious comes to mind, less cooking means using less fuel, saving money. You only use enough fuel to get your food to a boil, boiling the required time for the recipe and then shut your heat source off, conserving fuel. No need to check the food “cooking” on the stove, this saves time. Once the food is placed into the insulated thermal unit it is impossible to burn. Opening the unit before it is time to eat will drop the temperature of the food more quickly reducing the efficiency of the thermal unit. Just leave the lid closed.

Thermal Cooking is ideally suited for virtually everyone. Many see a purpose in using the thermal cooker in times of emergency. But don't overlook the possibilities for daily use. Thermal cooking is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Begin the day with yogurt and warm fruit started the night before in the thermal cooker. When breakfast is over prepare a nice chowder in one cooker for lunch and a potroast in a second cooker for dinner. The full days worth of cooking is complete after enjoying a nice breakfast.

The more I learn and test the thermal cooker, the more I am excited about the possibilities. Get creative.

Have a Super day!

Cindy Miller


Thermal cookers are like a big crock pot, cooking food slowly over time. While slow cookers require constant electricity, thermal cooker utilizes heated (boiling) food to complete the cooking process.

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