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How to use a 3-Layer Pot in a Thermal Cooker - Update!

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I have a really cool update about 3 layer pots.

I discovered, and now carry 3 sizes!

Stay tuned for Videos as I test out each of the sizes, talk about ideas and ways to use them in the HopeSaC or other DYI thermal cooker.

Original Post:

This 3 layer cooking pot is my latest favorite thermal cooking accessory.

I love that it fits perfectly in the HopeSaC Thermal Cooker.

I love that I can prepare 3 dishes at once.


I love that is makes it possible to prepare less food while allowing enough thermal mass so that the cooker maintains efficiency.

Over the years one of the reoccurring requests is information on how to cook for less people using a thermal cooking. Honestly, it is a challenge because the more food you have in your pot the more effective the thermal cooker is because there is more thermal mass.

I have come up with several ways to manipulate the system - like using container cooking, or cooking smaller amounts and adjusting the time. This triple layer pot is another solution to feeding smaller families.

It also helps fill the need for pots that fit into the HopeSaC thermal cooker. Not only is it awesome that three dishes can be prepared at the same time, but the lid stays on securely and there is not the possibility of spillage like with the other pots I use. The 3-layer pot can also be used with other DYI thermal cooking techniques such as a cooler or wonderbox.

Triple layer cooking pots are available on my website at

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