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Our Crazy World

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Can something as simple as Insulated Cooking/Thermal Cooking bring relief in today's crazy world?

I can confidently say Yes!

It seems odd that I have spent a lifetime of teaching and planning for future struggles in our world - The hard times always seemed to be sometime in a distant future.

And now, as I watch the news, those times seem to be upon us like never before.

Previously, when it came to Thermal Cooking, my request for listening ears have, for the most part, fell silent in the first-world cultures. On the other hand, those whose resources are scarce, listen intently to each word with appreciation and understanding that this information will save them time, money and lives.

But now the times are changing. With the news of war daily, fuel shortage, the pandemic, storms and transportation delays; the cost of everything is skyrocketing, I have requests daily for information about what I do and if I have product available.

With what seems like a world falling apart it is surreal that something as simple as insulated cooking can bring relief. But it can and it does.

A bit of reality

When we look at basic survival everyone needs water and food to keep them alive. Right?

We, of course, will focus on food. I don’t know about you, but several of my meals each week come from someone at a restaurant preparing it for me. It is freshly prepared and hot. Lots of resources have been used to make it possible for me to have that meal. It’s a lifestyle just like many others in the world have.

How does your life look different if this lifestyle stops? Are you prepared? Do you have a plan?

Not long ago, in Ukraine, many may have been living this same way. But how quickly can things change. It may not be war for us, put war changes things. I think we all know that Russia is a huge exporter of oil, but did you know that Ukraine is a huge exporter of food? Now the farmers in Ukraine are struggling to keep crops going amid the realities of war just to feed THEIR people.

When supplies are harder to get the prices go up. One big ripple…. You get the idea.

The effects are being felt across the globe.

Let’s get back to cooking.

We all must eat and food needs to be cooked.

What real alternatives are there? Most systems for cooking food require an extended use of fuel.

My #1 suggestion for cooking in hard times has always been a solar oven - so make sure you have one. (Let me know if you need help with that).

With a Solar Oven, the fuel being the sun, is free. But it is not 100% reliable. What about when the days are shorter, or cloudy, or you are gone and can not rotate the solar oven?

It’s time to turn to my suggestion #2 - Insulated/Thermal Cooking with some type of rocket stove (which use minimal fuel).

Thermal cooking is a strong #2 for me, even a #1 ½.

The idea, of insulated cooking/thermal cooking, is coming into its own now. It's becoming wise to have a basic understanding and experience, just in case.

One of the messages I received this week from Canada explains my thoughts perfectly: "ma’am, your message has never been more relevant. Between the economic hard times due to the pandemic, and the increased costs that people are experiencing due to the war in Europe, and supply problems, any ideas and provisions that anyone can come up with to reduce anxiety and costs especially for the poorest of our people, it’s a blessing of no small magnitude. Thank you for what you’re doing".

So my challenge to you is to continue to learn a bit each week about thermal cooking, become familiar with the principles so that you can turn to it at any time. You will discover that it is a very handy tool to have amid our busy first-world lifestyles. I have lots of sources for learning on my website, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Online Courses and Monthly Virtual and In-person Classes.

Thanks for being on this journey with me. I know my life will be staying the same for now. Yes, I went through a drive-through today for lunch. So while things are good I want to share as much as I can.

Will you help me?

I'm sure you have noticed how quickly time passes. I find it difficult to get even a fraction of what I would like to get done in a day. One of my priorities is sharing the thermal cooking information with others. What I have found is that my reach is not really too far, although my efforts reach a few and is expanding. It is not even close to how many I would like to help.

But having friends willing to share.

Now that will make a difference!

That is how this information can make an impact across the globe.

Some things you can share:

- The Website: The hub of all the things -articles, products, videos.

- Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking on YouTube: Videos can be accessed here.

- Online Courses: This is the link to the Special pricing for all 3 of my online courses.

- Virtual and In-Person Classes: Calendar Here

- Most Current Information: The best place to get the most current information is on the Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Facebook page. It may take me time to post things everywhere, but this is the place I post information first.

Like my new friend reminded me earlier today “Make no mistake, this (insulated cooking) is a game changer. It’s no small thing. It’s why I started thinking about it when I sought out your videos. The work you’re doing is gonna save a lot of lives”.

I say...."The work 'WE' are doing is gonna save a lot of lives".

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, and ideas you may have.



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