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Thermal Cooking Accessories


2.5 L Triple Clad Pot

Did you purchase your 7 Liter Saratoga Jacks thermal cooker without purchasing the Deluxe model? Now you wish you had that nice heavy 2.5 Liter pot also?


I have the 2.5-liter heavy bottom replacement pots available for just such a situation. This pot is for those who would like to upgrade their cooker without having to purchase a new cooker.


r with the heavy bottom 7 Liter pot and the light weight I find it interesting that when I first started teaching thermal cooking classes that most people bought the Regular thermal cooke2.5 liter inner pot.


Once I started researching and teaching about what I had learned, I noticed that the numbers started to shift. I now sell about 95% Deluxe thermal cookers. The triple clad heavy bottom pot helps with better heat distribution. 

Saratoga Jacks 2.5 L heavy bottom pot
Thermal Cooker bread pans

Bread Pans

Bread containers are the most popular accessory items which I sell. Everyone wants to be able to make bread in their thermal cookers. I am always on the lookout for a good bread container.


I would love to find a stainless steel bread container with a lid which would make a 2-pound loaf, so far no luck. I am grateful that I now carry a 1.3 L SaratogaJacks Bread Pan with a stainless steel lid. 


I have found two other containers which I use often. Both make a large loaf but have no lid. For now, I cover them with a piece of foil and secure the foil with an elastic.


Other containers which I have found with lids include glass Pyrex Snapware containers, mason jars, and several small camping pans


There are many containers which will cook bread in the thermal cooker. I will continue to be on the lookout and will offer anything I find in the future.  




Steamer Inserts

While researching and writing Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook I noticed that several companies had steamer inserts for their thermal cookers. I could see how a steamer insert could be very helpful when cooking steamed vegetables in the thermal cooker.


Steamer inserts can be used for vegetables, fish, and custard.


Steamer inserts are available for both the 7 Liter and 5.5 Liter SaratogaJacks thermal cookers.



These trivets are ordered in to fit inside of the thermal cooker. Trivets help increase the amount of water in the pot creating more thermal mass. The more thermal mass the longer the food stays hot. Trivets are used when using containers in the thermal cooker. 

Thermal Cooking Accessory Kits

I find as I travel and teach I noticed that what people want are items to ensure success at thermal cooking. They want to know what will help and would like it all in one place. This is why I have thought through and assembled thermal cooking kits. 


As I experiment and learn I have been collecting items I use with my thermal cooker.


I have come up with two kits, listed below.


     - The first kit - The Complete Kit - Includes all of the basic items I use when retained heat cooking, most of which someone new to thermal cooking would not already own. Many times it is a kit for those who already own a thermal cooker and would like everything else. 


     - The Ultimate kit consists of everything needed for thermal cooking excluding the Thermal cooker. This kit was made for those who just want to purchases everything all at once.  


I have noticed that this Ultimate Kit List has also been very useful for those would like to assemble their own kits. Many of the items added to the Ultimate Kit from the Complete Kit can be found in most kitchens. By using the list as a guide it is simple to make up your own Ultimate Kit. 



Thermal Cooker Complete Accessory Kit
Thermal Cooker Ultimate Accessory Kit

The Complete Thermal Cooking Accessory Kit:

Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook

Steamer insert

Bread container

2 Glass containers



Ultra gel thickener

The Ultimate Thermal Cooking Kit includes:

Let's Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook

Steamer insert

Bread container

2 Glass containers



Oven Bags

19 mason jars,

   4 - Pint wide mouth mason jars

   4 - Half pint wide mouth mason jars

   6 - Half pint reg mouth mason jars

   5 - Half cup mason jars

Jar lifter


Ultra gel thickener

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